Home Services

For home clients, we offer a wide range of services guaranteed to get and keep your home computer running tip-top. Most people don't even know how well their computer can run until we work our magic. Give us the opportunity to service your machine and find out all that you've been missing.

-Sales: Need a new computer? Our partnership with Dell can help you into a brand new machine faster than you can trash your old one.
-Hardware/Software Upgrades: New printer, more memory, application woes... there are all problems that we deal with on a daily basis. Let us put your mind at ease.
-Virus Removal: SmitFraud, WIN32.trojan, or a hijacker got you down? By the time we're done, your virus is gone, and never likely to come back.
-Backup Solutions: Don't gamble with precious photographs, priceless documents, or other important files. Home-PC can install a backup solution and put your mind at ease.
-Remote Support: We can make housecalls, or, if you have an internet connection, we can connect to your computer from our office, and do our work remotely!