Business / Small Business Services

The costs of doing business today are going up, but most companies' budgets are going down. No business can afford major computer or network expenses, but not every business can afford to keep an IT staff on payroll, either. That's where Work-PC comes in. Work-PC is your all-in-one business-level IT solution.

-System Sales: Whether you're looking to add a few computers, or you're ready to start utilizing the benefits of a server, Work-PC can help you into a more productive IT experience.
-Hardware/Software Upgrades: Adding printers, memory, applications, and more. Your time is valuable, so don't stress about the difficulties of tricky repairs.
-Backup Solutions: You couldn't put a price on your company's important data, so don't put off the minimal costs of a backup system. Be prepared for the "what if?" before it strikes.
-Remote Support: We can do work onsite, or offsite. With a few clicks, we're in and working for you.
-Preventative Maintenance: Avoid future issues by keeping up to date with updates and maintenance.
-Remote Computer and Email Access: Access your office computer or get your email from anywhere.  Setup email services on your Blackberry, iPhone, or other handheld.